New titleholder, pad vibration, game over.

The fridge is empty I am hungry, the mailman tells me it's only monday

and back on the road I don't feel better, 'cause I don't have takedas raincoat.


No conversation I'll just plug in my dongle. You know the red hot dragon player?

I draw my sword like an eastern warrior, but watch out the rain!

You don't feel better, if you don' have

takedas raincoat. 

Come on...level six..

I'm like a fighter out of breath in the summer. I join the ninjas black raid hustle,

but if I lose my health drink bottle immediatly I stop the game and put on my

smart free shipping raincoat.

Yeah free shipping raincoat...


He needs a kodachi an nanbando outfit...

I'm walking down the street and everyone will notice me...

I'm like a samurai, lei lei lei lei, like a samurai hu ha

Lei lei lei lei, like a samurai, watch out the rain.

Lei lei lei lei, like a samurai, trouble and pain

Lei lei lei lei, like a samurai, adventures on screen

Lei lei lei leiei lalala like a samurai..Takeda hero


Click on the icon I can enter a new life. I'll get the power, fame and honour

autumn, winter, springtime, summer and watch out the rain...

You should have a sai and a particular liking of raincoats. 


Bass  Wolgang Rieger

Drums Olaf Hoffmeister

Voices  Silke Soffareny  Holger Averes  Jule Heibutzki  Uwe Milkau

Guitar Uwe Milkau

Produziert im Noah Tonstudio von Jens Bernewitz