The Last Song


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 Regisseur: Aaron Bratcher


 Susanna Montag

 Benjamin Bratcher


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 I wrote the last song of the world                        

A pleasure to see you're not hurt                        

Have you got anything planned?                         

So hear the last notes of our land                         

It's only a song for the poor

The rich ones will pay for it sure

Two girls want to clap their hands

and a boy can not act like a man

I' m awfully sorry 'bout you                                   

Don't listen to my radio                                          

You say there's no sound in the air.                     

except my last song of the world. 

I´d like to ask you for advice, don´t

tell me it´s over. The words you can see

in black and white are the words of a great song

I think..

Voices Uta Bäulke Carmen Otto  Uwe Milkau

Bass Jens Bernewitz

Saiten Uwe Milkau

Songproduktion: Noah Studios Hannover

Jens Bernewitz

Videoproduktion: Aaron Bratcher